Butterfly Protocol IDO to Launch on Polkastarter

The Butterfly Protocol is disrupting the centralized world of domain names and how applications like social media use the web. And we are excited to announce that our Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will be held on the Polkastarter platform. As Butterfly is built for the distributed and decentralized web, it is fitting that we use one of the newest and most exciting platforms for DEX offerings.

At Butterfly, we believe in a fair and open way for content to be created and accessed. We start with providing a way to sponsor Top-Level Domains (TLD) that are not centrally controlled by organizations like ICANN. Our architecture is open and allows for others to build decentralized apps (DApps) that integrate other distributed technologies through blockchain and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

Initial details:

Public Sale — On Polkastarter

Uniswap Listing — Immediately after the Public Sale

Other Exchange Listings — To be announced as they happen

Tokenomics: Click Here

More details will follow such as length of the public sale, whitelisting for sale, etc.

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