The decentralized web is exploding in use and at the core are the new naming platforms such as Butterfly Protocol, Unstoppable Domains and ENS. One main difference with Butterfly from the others is in the ability to create partnerships around private root level domains.

Read about the latest partnership here:

Plato Data is a leading intelligence platform that is bringing AI and other tools to helping people get the information they need for actionable intelligence. Butterfly Protocol will participate by providing the .w3 blockchain top-level domain and a suite of tools for managing identities and data in the decentralized internet.

If you have an idea for a partnership that uses blockchain domains, contact us through the Butterfly Website.

The Path to a Decentralized Future of the Web is Getting Clearer

The Butterfly Protocol is a significant advancement toward a decentralized internet. As a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), it is intended to be a self-managed protocol where all have access to the tools and capabilities it offers. At the same time, the governance around which tools are valuable for the community…

Dana Farbo

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